Hard seltzer: low on calories and perfect for the summer days

Flavored sparkling water with a low alcohol percentage: hard seltzer is the ultimate summer drink! This popular drink came all away across the big pond (how could it be otherwise): The United States. There are many flavors and different types of hard seltzer available. With an alcohol percentage between 3% and 5%, it is without a doubt an official summer drink. Read on and discover more about hard seltzer and our favorites. 

What is hard seltzer?

Original hard seltzer is a brewed drink, just like beer. You can describe this drink as hard sparkling alcohol water with different fruit flavorings. Sugarcane is the main ingredient. You will discover different kinds of hard seltzers on the market which only consist of alcohol with sparkling water and a fruity flavour. Only the real brewed seltzer is available at Beer Republic, because it must be a perfect fit with, well beer of course! Many fruit extracts are used in the brewing process of hard seltzer. Some brewers even use real fruit (or pulp) for brewing their own premium hard seltzer.

It is low on calories, gluten free & vegan

Hard seltzer is a drink for the modern day. Why? Because it is a healthy alternative to beer! Beer easily contains 150 calories or sometimes even more. A seltzer contains on average about 70 calories. And in addition to that, a hard seltzer is also vegan and gluten-free. This drink is a delicious refreshment which contains fruity flavors and alcohol. Perfect to enjoy in your own backyard, at a party or on a terrace somewhere in the city! Nowadays, Dutch brewers have discovered and embraced this popular summer drink. So, if you are looking for  a Dutch hard seltzer, look no further!

Our favorite Hard Seltzers of the moment

We at Beer Republic are huge fans when it comes to this new alcoholic drink. You can therefore find different hard seltzers in our webshop. After thorough research and a lot of preliminary tests, we've decided. ;-) These are our current favorites:

Wild Basin: each sip is a fruit explosion

American brewery Oskar Blues has managed to include a burst of fruit in a can with the hard seltzer line 'Wild Basin'. You can choose between flavors such as Fruity Sangria, Blueberry Mango, Melon Basil and many more. This is a refreshing beverage you could say! Make sure to serve Wild Basin cold and don’t forget to serve it on the rocks (hello ice cubes) and, for example, a leaf of mint. Hello summer! Cheers!

Cigar City Seltzer: this is Florida in a Can!

Cigar City Brewing has an impressive hard seltzers selection. Florida is well known for their world-famous citrus industry. With that unique background Cigar City brewed four delicious flavors: Meyer Lemonade, Key Lime, Florida Orange and Ruby Red Grapefruit. These flavors are perfect, especially in combination with a long and warm summer evening. Who is ready for a drink? Yes please!

Founders Brewing Co. Mas Agave: a combination of unique ingredients

Ingredients such as blue agave nectar, sugarcane, real fruit juices and a dash of sea salt make hard seltzers from Mas Agave truly unique. These ones are a refreshing trip into the future. With an alcohol percentage of 4.5% and flavors such as strawberry, lime and grapefruit you can only do one thing: go with the flow!

Belching Beaver: drink this or hit the gym

The brewers of the Belching Beaver brewery in America love beer, but when calories got in their way and the scale showed rapidly increasing numbers, they had to come up with something else. That is how hard seltzers of Belching Beaver were born. Time to celebrate the 'Damn Good Times', but still on a responsible level. Pineapple, mango, blueberries. Full of fruit and rich flavors!

AF Brew x BSG Symbiotics: yes, appearance does matter!

Also in Russia they know how to brew a good hard seltzer. The hard seltzers from AF Brew in collaboration with BSG are a real burst of flavors! And the visuals designs of the cans look great on your UnTappd profile, don't they? You can choose between Raspberry/Mint and Pineapple/Passion Fruit. You can also serve these seltzers cold and preferably when the sun is shining. Two factors that make this drink way more interesting!

Deep Ellum Blind Lemon: a true legend (not in webshop)

Deep Ellum's hard seltzer is a tribute to blues legend "Blind Lemon" Jefferson. This refreshing seltzer with a lemony taste is brewed with sugarcane as the main ingredient. A crushing taste that fits perfectly with the hot summers in Texas, United States. You don’t need to pack your bags and get on a plane, because Blind Lemon is available in our webshop!

Hard seltzer drinks at Beer Republic: an impressive selection

Thirsty yet? Awesome! Hard seltzer is the ultimate trendy summer drink and a fresh thirst quencher. You can order your favorite hard seltzer or other beers online quickly in our webshop. Need some help to make a choice? Then contact us!

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