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8 Wired

8 Wired Showcase

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Flat White Nitro Milk Stout
44 cl can

Gypsy Fruits Fruited Sour
50 cl bottle
Lamponi Fruited Sour
33 cl can
Rendition Blonde
50 cl bottle
Baltyk Tasman Malbec Barrel Aged Imperial Porter
33 cl bottle
8 Wired Brewery is created by Soren Eriksen. This brewery originated in Marlborough, New Zealand and has thrived through simply renting supplies from the Renaissance Brewing Company. In New Zealand, the no. 8 wire is a gauge of wire that is used for electric fencing, which the Kiwis have always used to create and fix anything. This Kiwi mentality became the inspiration to the birth of ‘8 Wired’ with a purpose of maximizing the resources available in an effort to produce wide variety of refreshing and unique flavors of beer. Currently, 8 Wired Brewery beers are available to New Zealand, United States, Canada, Australia and Denmark. Relocated to Warkworth in 2015


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