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AF Brew

AF Brew Showcase

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My Wheat Berry Nights Pale Wheat Ale
50 cl bottle Q2
Goseline Pump Rhubarb Gose
50 cl can Q2
Goseline Pump Gooseberry Gose
50 cl can Q2
I Got Dragon Worms Sour IPA
50 cl can Q2
Passion Is My Confession Berliner Weisse
50 cl can Q2
Redneck Pumpkin / Yam
33 cl can Q2
AF Brew is one of the pioneers of Russian craft beer revolution. We started the show in the ‘faraway’ 2012 in St. Petersburg, the most beer-focused and heritage city of Russia. Four years ago we started as a gipsy brewery having launched one of the first accessible craft beers in Russia – Ingria IPA, with the name dedicated to historically disputed region where the city of St. Petersburg is located. Our primary mission has never changed since then – we brew beer which was never brewed before and we keep no rules. November 2016 we turned the biggest page in our history: we finally built our very own brewery in our home city. The brewery is located on the historical site of 18-19th century city brewery and we did our best to make it a very nice and devoted place to brew and to spend time in. The open plan site with 20 hl brewing system and 400 hl fermentation capacity is supposed to grow twice in two years. It is already a home base for all our brews, collaborations and guest projects. It’s coupled with a barrel-room full of various wood-aging stuff and a taproom to drink, talk and have fun around.