Bear Republic

Bear Republic Showcase

Regular price €13.99
Hop Shovel IPA
35.5 cl bottle H5
Big Bear Black Stout Imperial Stout
35.5 cl bottle H5
Racer 5 IPA
35.5 cl bottle H5
Cafe Racer 15 Imperial IPA
35.5 cl bottle H5
Bear Republic beers are brewed and aged following our time tested and proven methods. We hand select only the choicest ingredients for each batch. The specialty grains and hops used by Bear Republic have been chosen for their unique characteristics. The recipes and their final formulations were developed over a period of several years. Those wonderful home brewing sessions and the lessons learned from trial and error have established the solid foundations for each recipe’s commercial equivalents. It’s our goal to continually develop new recipes using our time tested brewing methods. We work hard at fostering a sense of loyalty and tradition from eras gone by.


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