Beyond The Pale

Beyond The Pale Showcase

Regular price €21.99
Rye Guy Rye IPA
47.3 cl can L2
Pink Fuzz Pale Wheat Ale
47.3 cl can L6
The Darkness Oatmeal Stout
47.3 cl can N5
Pale Ale Project Pale Ale
47.3 cl can L1
We are an Ottawa based brewery started by locals of the area. What started as a drunken talk over some homebrew, has grown into the business before you. Located in the heart of Ottawa at Unit 108, 250 City Centre, we now produce a wide range of amazing tasting beers. We have a taproom and retail space open six days of the week and we help support and host a variety of events within the city. We have never forgotten where we started so all decisions are made with a beer in hand. Be sure to visit us when in town.


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