Flying Monkeys

Flying Monkeys Showcase

Regular price €72.99
Live Transmission IPA
47.3 cl can N6
Ginger belle Barley Wine
47.3 cl bottle B5
Invictus Russian Imperial Stout
47.3 cl bottle B5
Theoretikal Zero Session IPA
47.3 cl can N4
Hoptical Illusion Pale Ale
47.3 cl can N4
Smashbomb Atomic IPA
47.3 cl can N6
Independent and family owned, The Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery leads the Craft Beer Revolution in Ontario. Brewing radical beers and creative ales right on the waterfront in downtown Barrie, Ontario, Canada, since 2004, the Flying Monkeys are here for the growing Legions of Craft Beer Lovers who enjoy beer for beer’s sake, are looking for authentic new things to try, and who want to support free-thinking independent brewers. To us, "Normal is weird." Brewing beers the same way every one else does it is . . . well, it’s just plain weird.


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