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Founders Fresh Serie

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Barrel Runner BA Double IPA
35.5 cl bottle
Dankwood BA Imperial Red IPA
35.5 cl bottle
Mas Agave BA Imperial Lime Gose
35.5 cl bottle
Blushing Monk Imperial Fruit Beer
35.5 cl bottle
Mas Agave Grapefruit BA Imperial Grapefruit Gose
35.5 cl bottle
All Day IPA Session IPA
35.5 cl can
Pilsner Hoppy Pilsener
35.5 cl can
Solid Gold American Light Lager
35.5 cl can
We don’t brew beer for the masses. Instead, our beers are crafted for a chosen few, a small cadre of renegades and rebels who enjoy a beer that pushes the limits of what is commonly accepted as taste. In short, we make beer for people like us. Founders. Brewed for us.


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