Ironfire Showcase

Regular price €82.99
Six Killer Stout
65 cl bottle B5
51/50 IPA
35.5 cl can M3
51/50 Grapefruit IPA
35.5 cl can L5
Last Rites  Imperial Stout BA
65 cl bottle B5
BootHill Killer Imperial Stout
65 cl bottle B5
Outcast Dead Imperial Red BA
65 cl bottle B5
At Ironfire, brewing the highest quality ales and lagers is a way of life. The beers we produce are painstakingly modified time and time again until we love the end product. No beer will be allowed to grace your palate until we want to drink a plethora of it ourselves. All killer, no filler. Every one of our ales and lagers has our own unique "brand." Sometimes this leads to our beers not fitting into neat little cookie cutter categories. We don't care about that anyway. Ironfire's beers are for the folks who enjoy beer in all its forms regardless of classification, origin or preconceived notions.


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