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Thin Man

Thin Man Showcase

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Jasmine Dragon w/ Totenhopfen New England IPA
47.3 cl can
Greek Mechanical Owl w/ Seven Island New England IPA
47.3 cl can
Glow Worm Release 2 Fruited Gose
47.3 cl can
Minkey Boodle Fruited Sour
47.3 cl can
Mango Only Pawn in Game of Life Fruited Sour
47.3 cl can
Trial by Wombat New England IPA
47.3 cl can

Since opening in 2016 we have consistently created ive beers while focusing on quality. We have been fortunate to brew with some friends in the industry such as Mikkeller Brewing NYC, New Belgium, Gun Hill, KCBC, Collective Arts, Sloop, Three Sons among many others. 2019 will see a significant expansion, allowing us to keep up with demand, get significantly more beer in cans, and start a sizable barrel aging program.


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