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Amager Bryghus

Sabrotaged / Marz Community

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A double Dryhopped Hazy DIPA.

In the dying days of the 3rd Reich in May 1945, a little known race took place between special commandos from the British and the US Army. The goal was to reach the hop growing Hallertau region north of Munich first. You see, in 1943 a small cell from the German resistance – oh yes, it DID exist – targeted the German hop production in a secret sabotage mission. Just prior to the 1943 hop harvest, 15 brave saboteurs attacked the hop fields spraying the ripe hops with a solution consisting mainly of cat pee with added dill and essence of coconut. The idea was to demoralize both the German armed forces and the population in general. No hops would mean a complete halt to all beer production. The sabotage was successful, and for the remains of the war the German hop fields lay fallow, causing all sorts of wild mutations to take place as the hops grew uncontrollably. US president, Harry S. Truman, got word about this through military intelligence. Being a huge IPA fan, he immediately realized the potential for the American hop industry if the US Army could seize these interesting German hop mutations. The British command also heard about the Hallertau incident, but in typical British fashion they arrived late to the party. American special forces had already harvested a massive amount of mutated hop varieties and torched the rest, when the British arrived. So, there you have the explanation why the American hop industry constantly come up with new and exciting hops, while Britain seems forever stuck with East Kent Goldings, Fuggles, Challenger and the like.