Make your own Advent Calendar


We present the unique opportunity to make your own Advent Calendar. You will receive a nice Sweater Box filled with your own picks from our options and it's a wrap!

Packed to the max.

24 special beers. 24 different breweries. 1 incredible box. Made by yourself. Nice!

Unique design.

You will receive a stellar Sweater box and have something stunning under the Christmas tree.

Like no other.

All American. All direct from the brewery. You cannot find this selection elsewhere.

Fresh and Fast

Delivered to your doorstep in as soon as possible using our regular shipping times.

The Custom Countdown to Christmas

Build your own Box

Let's make this one

Featured Breweries



In this case you can. We offer options for every slot.

As you can select your own beers, the box will never be the same.

Most of the options are IPA's and Pale Ale's. You have the opportunity to select some (barrel aged) beers though.

All the beers are already available in our store. This is an extra treat for yourself or to present to friends.

It's jam packed with 24 cans.

The cans come in 355ml (12oz) so you'll get 8.52 litres of craft beer to tick away.


All orders go out after placing your order. Orders placed before 2pm on working days are shipped immediately.

Yes, but the calendar is treated and shipped as a separate box.

Yes of course!

Yes because it's Christmas! Just input a different address in 'shipping' when you checkout. Note that if you combine the Calendar with beers for yourself, your buddy will get those beers as well. So if you want to separate your and your friends' order, you have to order twice.


The Calendar is not eligible for the Bonus Value or other special offers.

For logistic reasons we cannot cancel your order and (pre)orders placed are binding for that matter.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.