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Against the Grain

Against the Grain Showcase

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Pool Boi Light American Light
47.3 cl can
Killer Kuawa Fruited Sour
47.3 cl can
35K Milk Stout
47.3 cl can
Citra Ass Down Double IPA
47.3 cl can
Pile of Face IPA
47.3 cl can
Jorge Castana Imperial Brown
47.3 cl can
Against The Grain Brewery is Louisville's first brewer-owned brewery and, like most worthwhile undertakings, the product of dissatisfaction with the status quo. We maintain a diverse array of beers covering all of the major categories of beer flavor while generating an endless stream of innovative new brews. Essentially, we are tired of the regular old 'stuff.' At Against The Grain, we have thrown the traditional mode of thought (producing the same thing over and over, I think they call it consistency) out the window and shifted our energy to producing amazing beer consistently, which can be any given style or twist on it. We hang our hats on quality and want people to know that there is a world of options out there....and we make them!!