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B. Nektar

B. Nektar Showcase

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Tuco Style Freakout Mead
50 cl bottle A2
Core Crusher Cider
50 cl bottle A2
Kill All The Golfers Mead
50 cl bottle A2
The Dude's Rug Cider
50 cl bottle A2
Prickly Pear Kill All The Golfers Mead
50 cl bottle B2
Known for the most amazing and creative alcoholic beverages made from honey. B. Nektar is a world-wide sensation. B. Nektar gives their fans a variety of options...from their famous Zombie Killer, a hard cider made with honey and cherries to Kill All The Golfers, a lightly carbonated draft mead made with black tea and lemon juice. B. Nektar makes meads, ciders, and beers that extend beyond the traditional- they let their imaginations guide them.


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