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Beachwood Showcase

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Come In Grapes Your Time Is Up Zinfandel Lambic
47.3 cl bottle A6
For The Love of Guava Fruit Lambic
47.3 cl bottle A6
Careful With That Pluot Eugene Fruit Lambic
47.3 cl bottle
Come In Grapes Your Time Is Up Muscat Lambic
47.3 cl bottle A6
36 rotating taps and one cask-conditioned beer have been hand-selected for your drinking pleasure. We take pride in serving rare and unique first-rate beers. That means special brews that not only enhance the food we serve, but also represent some of the finest beers locally and around the world. Based on the ten kegs we go through a week, we like to think we can convert anyone. But don't be surprised if you come in and don't see the beer you drank yesterday. When it's gone, dunzo. Adiós! You'll be lucky to have the same beer twice. (Increase the odds that Lady Luck shines upon you by visiting us more often.) Beachwood Blendery is a small batch beer producer established in 2014 by the same creative minds behind the award winning Beachwood Brewing. Beachwood Blendery has embarked on an undoubtedly geeky quest to recreate the Lambic style beers of Belgium. Our beers are produced using ingredients, equipment, and brewing methods that are both steeped in tradition and admittedly modern.


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