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Cascade Showcase

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Pistil Whipped Gose
50 cl bottle
Peche Fume w/ Freigeist Sour Ale
75 cl bottle
Rose City Sour Sour Ale
75 cl bottle
Harvest Graff Fruited Sour
50 cl bottle
Gose Roselle Gose
35.5 cl can
Coral Horizon Fruited Sour
50 cl bottle


Cascade Brewing Company is an artisan microbrewery located in Portland, Oregon. It is known for making beers that come out of passion and creativity of its pioneers rather than sticking to the traditional and structured brewing methods that other microbreweries follow through. Cascade Brewing Company takes pride in their barrel-aged beers. The brewery relies heavily on the power of French oak, Kentucky Bourbon, Northwest wine barrels, wheat, blondes, quads and porters among many more. Cascade Brewing Company features over 18 tap beers, but if there is one main thing it is known for, it is the fine flavors of sour beers crafted from the Pacific Northwest.


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