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Council Showcase

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Broken Wand American Wild
75 cl bottle H1
Three Berry Tart Saison
75 cl bottle H1
Guava Tart Saison
75 cl bottle H1
Mango Tart Saison
75 cl bottle H1
Cherry Tart Saison
75 cl bottle H1
Passion Fruit Tart Saison
75 cl bottle H1
Council Brewing Company, opened in 2014, is a small batch brewery, located in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego. The Magic Factory is a new label we launched in 2017 for our wood aged beers. We place a tremendous emphasis on creating exemplary beer, crafted to the highest standards. We brew beers that are unique and extremely flavorful, focusing on Ales hailing from American, Belgian, and English origins with an emphasis one San Diego's interpretation of West Coast IPA's and Sour Beers. No matter what the style, we focus on creating intense aromas and flavors that are very well balanced and drinkable.


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