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Deep Creek

Deep Creek Showcase

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Haze New England Pale Ale
33 cl can

Aloha Berliner Weisse
44 cl can
Brewtiful Haze New England IPA
44 cl can
Misty Miyagi New England IPA
44 cl can
How Are We Supposed To Collaborate .... w/ Beerbliotek Fruited Sour
44 cl can
Waikiki Berliner Weisse
44 cl can
Winner of Champion Medium International Brewery at the Australian International Beer Awards 2019, we love to brew flavour fuelled beer to compliment adventurous lifestyles. Along with our permanent range we brew seasonal releases under our Projects (Tiki range of fruit cocktail inspired sours, Haiku range of Hazy IPAs and Totem West Coast IPAs as well as other seasonal batches). Brewery and tap room based in Silverdale, Auckland, NZ.

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