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Logsdon Showcase

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Far West Vlaming Flanders Red Sour
75 cl bottle D3
Deep River Blues Saison
75 cl bottle D3
Raven & Rubus Sour Ale
75 cl botte D3
Spontane Blanc American Wild
75 cl bottle D3
A Belgian-inspired brewery, founded in 2009 by David Logsdon on his family farm in Hood River County. David started as a founding member and brewer at Full Sail Brewing and founded Wyeast Laboratories. His passion for unique and experimental yeast helped to foster his dream of opening a traditional farmhouse brewery. We brew in the true Belgian farmhouse tradition using all organic and locally sourced ingredients. The fruity and well rounded flavor profiles of our beer can be attributed to our use of singular specialty yeast strains and many of our offerings spend time in oak barrels to impart more complex characteristics similar to that of a fine wine.


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