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Seven Island

Seven Island Showcase

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Strain of Fate w/ Thin Man & Frau Gruber Triple IPA
44 cl can

Tsoureki Imperial Pastry Stout
44 cl can
Gooey & Nutty Imperial Pastry Stout
44 cl can
Thymos Russian Imperial Stout
44 cl can
Hypercone Imperial Pastry Stout
44 cl can
Tiki Moi Berliner Weisse
44 cl can
Founded by two crazy Greek guys Lefteris Mesimeris & Costantin Pougatsias who are passionate about craft beer Focused to produce big bold and full of aromas beers Seven island brewery is brewing craft beer for beer lovers We are here to change the beer world and bring only special beers to the people.We are addicted to craft and we make sure that each time we brew the best beer possible Follow us to this amazing journey that will change your drinking habits !!!