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The Veil

Shreddy Kreuger

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Shreddy Krueger is the West Coast version of our 5.5% house IPA Master Shredder. Yes. You heard correctly, the West Coast version. Shreddy Krueger was the alternate name for our beloved Master Shredder during its infancy. This mash up was a request/idea that our Lead Cellarman/Assistant Brewer Josh(aka Jehou) came up with. Josh, like most of us here at The Veil, dig that cleaner West Coast style yeast profile and a tiny bit of bitterness from time to time. We thought it would be a fun experiment and we are happy we did it! We started by brewing a small batch on our new pilot system of the original recipe of Master Shredder, then instead of pitching our house ale yeast we use for majority of our hoppy beers, we pitched San Diego Super yeast(a common yeast used in production of West Coast IPAs). Bright amber appearance with the most subtle bitterness, fresh citrus peel, stone fruit flesh, and slight pine character.


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