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Amager Bryghus

The Black Cat

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From our series "Wicked Tales of Scotland" - 4 whisky barrel-aged beers released at the brewery February 2nd 2019.

10% Whisky Barrel Aged Peated Baltic Porter (Bowmore)

The Black Cat – or cat sith in the local tongue – is a fairy creature, always known for the white spot on its chest and for being as large as a grown-up dog. Known to haunt the Scottish Highlands, it was feared by the Scots, especially around the time of a death. If the corpse had not yet been buried before the Black Cat appeared, it would steal your soul before the gods claimed it. What was left behind was a soulless spirit, doomed to forever roam the borderlands between Heaven and Hell. Oh yes indeed, the Black Cat is a beast largely to be feared. Temperamental as most felines and risky to deal with. Some households feared that only a constant supply of fresh milk in the barn in a specific Black Cat saucer would keep them fortunate. And those farms that did not put out a saucer of milk would be cursed by having all of their milch cows run dry.


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