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Amager Bryghus

Viewpoint Coco / Dádiva

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Perspective, what a motherfucker. It’s not uncommon for the same thing looked at from two different viewpoints to be seen slightly differently. Just like it isn’t unusual for minorly discrepant stuff to be acknowledged as equal. Same, same, but different. Different, different, but same. So when two brewers from one country currently brewing in opposite hemispheres teamed up to discuss a collaboration beer, the idea of playing with perception felt natural to both. And so it was that we sent our Brazilian import back to her homeland to play a little reference game with Cervejaria Dádiva. Would people there have conflicting opinions about a recipe released in two minorly modified versions? Would coconut outshine the original Goiabada imperial stout, or would the plain candy-like guava adjunct on its own appeal more? To take this further, we decided to fuck shit up by double mashing our own interpretation of Dádiva brewed ‘Point of View’, creating a fuller bodied beast – or beauty, depending on how you want to twist this. Your choice. Just make sure you try both before formulating an opinion. This still is a matter of perspective, after all.
This is a collaboration beer made with Cervejaria Dádiva, São Paulo, Brazil.