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The Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is a very popular type of beer. More and more breweries are adding IPAs with fruity and hoppy flavors to their selection. Because we are huge fan of IPA, we have made an overview of the 11 best IPAs. This list is a perfect excuse to try them all we would say! Enjoy!

The IPAs are listed in random order.

1.   Other Half Brewing’s IPAs

Sometimes a brewery is so good at brewing a certain type of beer, that it is difficult to pick a favorite. An example of such a brewery is Other Half Brewing. They are professionals when it comes to brewing tasty IPAs, such as the TDH Tripple Cream, DDH Green City and the DDH Small Cashmere Everything. You really should try all of Other Half Brewing's IPAs!

Other Half Brewing’s IPAs beer can designs overview

2.   New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA

Voodoo Ranger IPA, from New Belgium brewery, is a typical IPA. It meets all requirements, such as the tropical and fruity aromas and the perfectly bitter aftertaste. Opposite to what the name suggests, this IPA comes from the United States. And if there's one place they know how to brew a good IPA, it's there. Try the Voodoo Ranger IPA and discover what a perfect IPA should taste like.

Voodoo Ranger IPA

3.   Jai Alai from Cigar City

Cigar City Brewing is a highly admired brewery from Tampa, Florida. They are well known for their Jai Alai IPA. This beer owes its name to a ball game from the Basque Country in Spain. Tampa was once home to a Jai ​​Alai playing field. The playing field and the game disappeared, but as a tribute, Cigar City brewed a delicious Indian Pale Ale that goes particularly well with a nice piece of meat or spicy dishes.

4.   Basqueland Mucho Mucho Mosaic

What is the deal with the Basque Country and IPA? One IPA owes its name to a fun game from the region and the other IPA is actually brewed in the North of Spain. The Mucho Mucho Mosaic IPA is one of the many IPAs from the Basqueland range. This Imperial has a fresh bitter aftertaste thanks to the different types of mosaic hops. So if mucho isn't enough for you, just go for Mucho Mucho.

Mucho Mucho IPA beer

5.   Can-O-Bliss Double IPA

An IPA is tasty, so a double IPA is twice as good. Life can be that simple. To make it even easier, a double IPA is also called a DIPA. One of our favorites is the Can-O-Bliss DIPA from Oskar Blues of Longmont, Colorado. This DIPA is packed with citra hops in combination with shades of passion fruit and citrus. This one is a delicious thirst quencher for the hot summer days!

Can o bliss IPA

6.   Oodles of Labradoodles from AF Brew

With an Untappd rating of 4/5, based upon almost eight thousand amateur beer tasters, you can say that the Oodles of Labradoodles is just a very popular and flavorful IPA. The Russian AF Brew Brewery does something ‘magical’ during the brewing process. The concept is very simple: if you cross a Labrador with a Poodle, you get a Labradoodle. And whoever crosses Galaxy and Ella hops gets a super tasty Oodles of Labradoodles.


The best IPAS Oodles of Labradoodles


7.   Firestone Walker Mind Haze

Mind Haze by Firestone Walker is a ''Hazy IPA''. Loosely translated, this means ‘vague’ of ‘fuzzy’ IPA. Maybe that's because the IPA fades your memories if you drink too much of it. Or maybe it's just because the Mind Haze is an inexplicably tasty IPA. Both theories probably have a large kernel of truth. Reason enough to try the tastiest IPA from the Firestone Walker line up.

8.   Belching Beaver x Deftones Phantom Bride

Deftones Phantom Bride doesn't look horrifying, but is also horrible delicious. This IPA is a release after a hit by the band Deftones and Jerry Cantrell. This savory and juicy mix inspired Belching Beaver to make another heavenly blend: the mix of citrus and hops. It’s amazingly fresh, incredibly hoppy and shockingly delicious!

Phantom bride IPA

9.   Ink & Dagger

Ink & Dagger is a Modern Day IPA. That's a mouth full. But, if you've tried Ink & Dagger, you'll want nothing more than to drink more and more. It's not for nothing that we are big fans of the Norwegian brewery Amundsen. The Ink & Dagger IPA is definitely one of our favourites. Ink & Dagger IPA is wonderfully fresh and is full of fruity notes. That is what you would expect from a good IPA.

Ink and dagger IPA

10.  Collective Arts Life in the Clouds 

One look is all it takes! The Collective Arts beer cans are all a work of art. The One that is striking the most is Life in the Clouds. And this IPA not only looks beautiful, the brew is also 'a piece of art'. More than 87 thousand ratings on Untappd together give an average of 4/5. Do we need to say more? Come on, just give it a try!


The best IPAS by Beer Republic


11.   All Day IPA

Last, but definitely not least. All Day IPA from Founders Brewers is our closing act of this overview of amazing IPAs. All Day is not a free pass to drink this IPA all day long, but on the other hand, it's a beer that can be enjoyed during every single moment. With an alcohol percentage of 4.7%, it is an easy drinker. Are you a newcomer in the world of craft beer or is it 'only' 10 o'clock in the morning? Be sure to check out Founders' All Day IPA!

All day IPA

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After reading this top 11 best IPAs line up you should be thirsty! And that's actually exactly the point, because IPA is an amazingly fresh thirst quencher. So what are you waiting for? Order your favorite IPA or other craft beers via our webshop! Do you know we also have an amazing lineup of blonde beers

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