Of course you can buy 1 bottle or can, but you make the most of your order to order a full box. A combination of different size bottles and cans is possible. As an example we have the following guide for our largest box:

- 72 small cans (330-335ml) or

- 36 small size (330-500ml) bottles / cans or

- 24 midsize (330-500cml) bottles / cans or

- 18 large size (650/750ml) bottles or

- a combination of different sizes

Box Slots

You can check the number of items and Box Slots ideally fitted in a box on the slider cart page. 36 Box Slots is one full box.

Delivery Service Point / Parcel pick up point orders and order from countries outside the European Union can contain max 19.5 Box Slots.

Beer Mail

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