Each box can contain 72 small cans (34-36cl), 36 small size (25-50cl) bottles or cans, 24 midsize (36-50cl) bottles or 18 large size (65/75cl) bottles or a combination of these.

Most European countries have the advantage of getting up to 36 bottles per box. The rest of the world has to settle for a maximum of 24.

You can check the number of items (Weight Points) ideally fitted in a box in your cart (top right). You have to refresh to check the total weight. You can also check it by using the handy Shipping Calculator at checkout.

Delivery Service Point orders can contain max 19.5 weight points and is only available for some countries.


Rates for shipping are flat per box. But you have the ability to save for value! Your bonus is automatically applied at checkout for each item. The bonus is shown as Bonus*4*OFF or according your order value. So if you order at least $250 of beer it shows Bonus*10*OFF.

Order Value Bonus
Between €50 and €100 4%
Between €100 and €150 6% 
Between €150 and €250 8%  
Between €250 and €500 10%  
Above €500 15% 



Check out this table to see what shipping to your address will set you back for each box. Your country is dedicated to a Shipping Zone. These zones or countries can contain max 24 (*) or 36 weight points per box. Zones K through O are calculated by every 12 weight points. Delivery Service Points (pick up points) can only hold a maximum of 19.5 weight points per box!

Pick up is available for Dutch customers on Tuesday through Thursday between 10am and 4pm. Location: Ordelven 15, Berkel-Enschot. Beers are packed in regular brewery boxes.

 ZONE COUNTRIES - rates charged per box
NL The Netherlands
A Belgium / Germany
B1 Austria / Luxembourg
B2 Denmark
C1 France / United Kingdom
C2 Sweden^
C3 Czech Republic / Hungary / Monaco / Poland
D1 Spain / Portugal
D2 Estonia / Ireland / Italy / Liechtenstein / Slovakia / Slovenia
E Finland^ / Latvia / Lithuania
F Croatia / Romania
G Bulgaria / Greece
H Cyprus / Isle of Man / Guernsey*
I Iceland*
J Norway / Switzerland*
K Albania / Andorra / Kosovo / Macedonia / Vatican City*
L Malta / San Marino*
M Aland Islands / Armenia / Azerbaidzjan / Belarus / Faroe Islands / Georgia / Gibraltar / Greenland / Kazachstan / Moldova / Montenegro / Russia*
N Canada / Mexico / United States (ex. certain regions - see below)*
O Australia / Brazil / China / Hong Kong*
P Rest of the World (ex. certain countries - see below)*


PRICING (DSP = Delivery Service Point / Pick up point)

Zone Transit* Carrier Price DSP
NL 1 DPD €7.50 6.50
A 1-2 DPD €10 €9
B1 2-3 DPD €12.50 €11
B2 2-3 DPD €12.50 €12.50
C1 2-4 DPD €16 €12.50
C2 2-4 DPD €16 €15
C3 2-4 DPD €16
D1 3-5 DPD €18.50 €17.50
D2 3-5 DPD €18.50
E 4-6 DPD €23 €22
F 4-6 DPD €27
G 5-7 DPD €33
H 5-7 DPD / PostNL €40
I 5-7 DPD €50
J 5-7 PostNL €55
K 5-7 PostNL / UPS €55 / 75 / 125
L 5-7 UPS €75 / 105 / 130
M 5-7 PostNL €105 / 170
N 7-14 UPS €75 / 105 / 130
O 7-14 PostNL €95 / 155
P 7-14 PostNL €105 / 170


*Transit is the expected number of working days it takes for a delivery to arrive when you have made an order before 2 pm CET on weekdays.

REMEMBER that local customs (can) charge additional tax fees. This message applies to countries outside the EU. Check your local authority which charges can be applied. We cannot give you any information on this because this can change day by day. We are not responsible for any additional charges made.

^ If you order alcohol products as a private individual from another EU country, you arrange the transport yourself by using and consent of the shipping at checkout, you may also be liable to pay excise duties. As the distance buyer, you may be liable to pay excise duties on alcohol products and beverage containers.

NON AVAILABLE REGIONS AND COUNTRIES. Excluded from shipping due to regulations. United States: Army regions, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi and Utah. Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Islamic Republic Of Iran, Democratic People's Republic Of Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mexico, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territory, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Svalbard And Jan Mayen, Syria, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Western Sahara, Yemen. Sorry guys.