We love the fact that you adore craft beer, being it the excellent drink to savor moderately and fully enjoy the experience of the brewmasters art. Craft beer is not about binge drinking but quite the opposite. However, we want you to enjoy craft beer responsibly and have a set of guidelines when shopping at Beer Republic.
Only adults having passed the age of 18 or older, depending the country you live in, can buy craft beer from Beer Republic. This is being checked on the storefront of the shop. You agree by our terms that you are entering the shop legally and have provided the correct information to buy, consume and accept beverages with alcoholic content.
We only ship beer to people who have passed the aged restriction for their respective country. We use DPD and PostNL Globalpack age verification to ensure you indeed have passed this restriction.
We regularly check if everybody in the chain - ourselves and our partners - are compliant to the guidelines that have been set by local authorities. We do this by phone, visits in person, by email or otherwise.

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