A barrel aged monster of a stout

Oskar Blues Barrel Aged Ten Fidy is a truly special beer, a celebration of the brewery's passion for bold flavors and innovative brewing techniques. Aged to perfection in whiskey barrels, this imperial stout is a complex and flavorful brew that will leave a lasting impression on your palate.

First, let's talk about imperial stouts. These are a type of stout that originated in England in the late 1700s, and they are known for their high alcohol content and rich, full-bodied flavor. Imperial stouts are brewed with generous amounts of roasted barley and other specialty grains, which give the beer its signature deep, dark color and intense, roasty flavor.

Barrel aging is a process that has been used for centuries to enhance the flavors of beer. By aging beer in wooden barrels, the liquid takes on flavors and aromas from the wood and any previous contents of the barrel, such as whiskey or wine. This process adds depth and complexity to the beer, creating a unique and delicious product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Oskar Blues has a long history of barrel aging beer, and their special releases are among the most sought after in the craft beer world. Ten Fidy, in particular, has become a staple of their barrel-aged program, with each release offering a new twist on the classic imperial stout recipe. The beer's high alcohol content and rich, roasty flavor profile make it the perfect candidate for barrel aging, and the results are always impressive.

So, what makes Oskar Blues Barrel Aged Ten Fidy so special? It's the perfect combination of the brewery's bold imperial stout recipe and the nuanced flavors imparted by the whiskey barrels. Notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak mingle with the beer's roasty, chocolaty base to create a truly unforgettable drinking experience. Whether you're a fan of stouts, whiskey, or simply delicious beer, you won't want to miss this special release from Oskar Blues.