The best imperial oatmeal stouts

Imperial oatmeal stouts are among the most beloved styles of beer in the world, prized for their rich, velvety texture and complex flavor profiles that can range from smooth and creamy to dark and intense. And when it comes to the best of the best, two names consistently top the charts on Untappd: Fremont The Rusty Nail and Fremont Cocoa Barrel Aged Dark Star.

Fremont The Rusty Nail 

Fremont The Rusty Nail is an imperial oatmeal stout that's been aged to perfection in bourbon barrels, which lend notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel to the beer's already roasty, malty base. This rich and complex brew features flavors of chocolate, coffee, and a hint of smoke, all wrapped up in a silky smooth mouthfeel. It's the perfect beer for sipping on a chilly night, or for pairing with a hearty meal.

Fremont Cocoa Barrel Aged Dark Star

Fremont Cocoa Barrel Aged Dark Star is another standout imperial oatmeal stout, with a twist: it's brewed with cocoa nibs, which add notes of chocolate and sweetness to the beer's already complex flavor profile. This beer is aged in bourbon barrels just like The Rusty Nail, but the addition of cocoa gives it a unique and delicious twist that sets it apart. Whether you're a fan of dark beers or simply love the taste of chocolate, this is a beer you simply have to try.

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