10 types of craft beer drinkers we all know

There are a lot of different types of beer to discover, but did you know that around the world different types of beer drinkers can be found. Someone can be completely nuts about pilsener, while the other one is going bonkers for that typical beer taste. And maybe you are the one that wants to add different types of beer to your Untappd profile. Well, just go to a random party and you will discover different types of craft beer drinkers. So, to help you discover your true inner beer drinker, check out our list and tell us which personality fits you the best! 

1. The U.S.A. disciple 

‘Oh My God, this taste is amazing!” Well, hello there valley girl! Beer from the United States of America is marvelous. Of course we do agree, and this is a fact! And so do a lot of other people, especially our so-called American disciples (or should we say worshippers). Get the picture? They drive a big truck and randomly call some unknown English words and try to make a whole sentence out of it. And, it is getting worse after a few beers. Their favorite beers are of course made by the bigger, impressive breweries such as Oskar Blues and Founders. Everything is big in Texas, and the bigger the better. They will try to spread the good word about beers from the States, even if you made it clear you are not willing to listen. Amurica!

2. The critic 

This craft beer drinker is a specific type that doesn’t have any ratings whatsoever on his or her Untappd account. There is always something wrong. The foam head is way too much, too hoppy, too sweet and wow, this one is bitter. Do you want to match their expectations? Well, be prepared for a job that seems impossible. Because, does the perfect beer exist? On the other hand, one could say that the critic has a refined taste. So if you will succeed, you know that that specific beer is one of a kind and you brewed the impossible. 

3. The brand weirdo

Well, you discovered your favorite brand? From now on this is the only beer you will drink. It is the same when you are a fan of a specific brand for clothing, it suits you. When you compare this specific beer brand, you will not find any differences. When you declare your love to that one and only brewery, why would you ever cheat? You feel connected to their story and their perfectly brewed beers. Or, are you so basic that marketing is getting to ya? You tell us… 

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4. The beer sommelier

Beer Republic can be compared to the Walhalla by this beer drinker. So many types of beer should be experienced and tasted, one by one. The beer sommelier is the open minded one and wants to reach the highest possible rank on Untappd, even when this whole platform is not a competition (go get them tiger). It is not about taste, but how many beers you can check on your list. Quantity above quality. You know what to give this beer drinker as a birthday gift: a Beer Republic beer box. 

5. The down to earth drinker

What is normal? You can find it completely normal to try all kinds of beer, while someone else is a modest drinker who will only try one specific flavor. It is not about good or bad. Because, what we call ‘regular’ pilsener, or beer, is not bad at all. There are a bunch of pilsners that go above and beyond the status quo. Each and every pilsner has its own history and flavour. So, when you decide to drink a regular pilsner, you are going bananas while being down to earth as hell. You go gurl! 

6. The ‘Know-it-all aka Beer snob’

Learning while doing. The one who drinks a lot of beer, will become a beer expert over time. At least, that is what a lot of people preach. Our know-it-all, a.k.a beer snob, cannot stop talking about beer and will tell you everything about its favorite one. The brewery, background, types of hop and even more is discussed without hesitation. To us it seems that this person is just studying the label of that specific beer and then tells you exactly what was on it. On the other hand, it is good to have this knowledge when it is time for some serious beer talk. So thank you beer snob for knowing it all and teaching us about beers. Without you in this world, we have to read the labels ourselves. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

7. The blonde chaser

There is nothing wrong with a fine blondie. Who doesn’t want one? On this big planet you will find beer drinkers that swear by only drinking blond beer. Dark beer, that color does not seem appealing. Tastes do differ. Looking for a nice beer box, think about your choices. Only pick blonde beer, weizen or other beer types that are clear and bright in color. The blonde chaser will be thankful for that. 

8. The patronizing one

‘Really, this is the beer you drink?’ The patronizing one will look down on you when you are crazy about a simple beer with a low alcohol percentage. And his opinion will be discussed without any shame or hesitation. If he can't put you on the spot about your beer choice, he'll try another way. The middle class car you drive,  the clothes you wear or your grammar mistakes on Facebook (like that is important in life). Nothing is safe anymore and this discussion will not be focused upon your beer choice. Let’s go! 

9. The spicy one

There are people who have a sweet tooth and on the other hand you will find savory lovers. These beer drinkers prefer to skip a fruit beer or a Lambic. The real spice lovers prefer to drink beer with herbs and spices. These beers have a less hoppy character and are formed by the flavors of different flowers, roots, seeds or vegetables. By the way, the spicy one is not part of the Spice Girls, in case you were wondering. This is the one that appreciates beers brewed with spices. How simple can it be? 

10. The Stylist

The taste is just a sideshow. As long as the bottle or can looks good, you are happy. Or when the beer is served in a very unique glass, that also counts. The stylist has an eye for detail and likes to select his or her beers based on the label. While you can't judge a book by its cover, we're all guilty of it from time to time. And if the label is a work of art, the beer must be good too, right?

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Beers for all types of beer drinkers

Whatever type of beer drinker you are, there is a perfect beer for everyone. Also for the patronizing one and even for the critic. Because at Beer Republic you will find the largest range of beers online from all over the world. From pilsener to fruit beer and from IPA to Barley Wine. We have selected our top selection for you. Cheers! Or as the U.S.A. disciple would say: can I get an amen?!