This Canadian brewery makes sure that every beer is a work of art

In recent years, many breweries have put just as much love and passion into designing their labels and cans as they do into their craft beers. The Canadian brewery Collective Arts goes one step further. They collaborate with artists all over the world, in unique limited editions. Be prepared for unique names and designs that should be added to your Untappd profile. In this blog we will take you on a creative journey about brewing beer and art!

Collective Arts brewery

Collective Arts breweries are located in Toronto and Hamilton, both in Canada. What’s so special about them? They combine the art of brewing beers with the talent of artists, filmmakers, photographers and musicians all over the world. Artworks are made as limited editions and are developed and designed into amazing labels. Every beer can therefore be called a truly unique work of art. 

Creativity and equality

Creativity and equality. Those are the core values that describe Collective Arts. Each beer label design tells its own story through a work of art by an artist from any place on this big wide world. All designs specially created for Collective Arts reflect in some way creativity and equality. Wanna see more designs, labels, craft beers and background stories? Then check out the Collective Arts website. These unique collaborations are, of course, available at Beer Republic. Our line up of craft beers from Collective Arts can change rapidly, this is due to the fact that all label designs are limited editions. 

Collective Art craft beers

As we already explained: these craft beers are all limited editions. Therefore our assortiment can change. However, there is a core line-up which includes craft beers that can be ordered online anytime.

This is an overview of the core line up:

DIPA: Radio the Mothership

Do you want to experience the perfect combination of bitterness and fruity? Then you should order ‘Radio the Mothership’. This 8.5% DIPA is a flavorful mix of berry, mango and peach notes. The earthy bitterness provides the characteristic taste of a (D)IPA. And because you also want something that please your eyes: the label is another unique collaboration with an artist.

Radio the mothership Collective Arts Brewery.

IPA: Hazy State

Hazy State is a flavorful and very accessible IPA. Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Centennial hops are added to the brewing process. Yet, the notes of citrus and tropical fruit overrule the main taste of this IPA. In conclusion, one can say that this unique combination makes a delicious Indian Pale Ale with a ‘soft body’ that you must try.

Hazy state Collective Arts Brewery.

Sour: Jam up the Mash

Is sour beer your favorite? Then you should definitely give Jam up the Mash a try! This juicy, sour and super refreshing beer is a must on a tropical summer evening. This craft beer uses Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand and Citra from the Pacific Northwest. In this sour beer, acid and hops are working together in perfect harmony.

Jam up the mash by Collective Arts Brewery.

Cider: Nature of Things

Nature of Things is an unfiltered dry cider. Collective Arts calls it their flagship cider. This cider is made from 100% locally produced apples (in Canada) and is naturally gluten-free. The flavors can be described as refreshing and dry. A tasty cider for almost every drinking occasion! 

Cider: Circling the Sun

Another cider to try is Circling the Sun. You can taste the taste of Ontario Montmorency cherries, combined with the Nature of Things cider mentioned above. This juicy and fresh cider is dry, nicely balanced and a real thirst quencher during summer. Are you looking for a drink that is slightly sweeter than a traditional cider? Look no further, this is the one!

Lager: Audio/Visual

Audio/Visual is a special lager brewed with pilsner malt and brown rice. You can recognize fresh notes of lime and mandarin citrus. It is an easy drinker for every moment. Audio/Visual is a series of collaborations with a main focus upon combining art, music and beer. And this all comes together on a perfectly designed beer label. 

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