Beer Republic packs: the perfect gift box for beer lovers

Beer is always a good idea, especially as a gift. With Beer Republic beer packs and cases you can easily select beers yourself, so you will make sure that it fits perfectly with your wishes and taste. We have more than 65 different showcase packages from breweries all over the world. A beer package is nice to give and even more fun to receive, or to keep for yourself of course. Read on because we tell you everything about our Beer Republic beer packages!

Beer packs from different breweries

Most of Beer Republic's beer packs and cases are so-called ‘showcase packs’ from various breweries. A showcase pack contains, for example, all the beers of a brewery's range. It is also possible to select your favorite beers from the line-up of a brewery. Some breweries have such a variety of beers, that we even offer several types of showcase beer boxes from that specific brewery. You can decide for yourself which brewery, which flavor or type of beer  matches your taste. Create the perfect beer box gift online at Beer Republic!

Beer boxes and packs by Beer Republic

Explore new beers with Beer Republic beer boxes

When you are searching and selecting craft beers by yourself, it is possible that you have to do some research on the internet in order to find new beers and breweries. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So we are here to help with that problem, because beer boxes from Beer Republic are the solution. With our ‘Brewery Packs’, boxes and cases you can easily select a package from a well-known brewery and explore new beers at the same time. 

Each beer box contains several different craft beers from a brewery of your choice. Discover new mixes of known and unknown beers and let us help you to taste new beers or introduce you to new brewers. Order your beer box now online at Beer Republic and start your beer tasting experience together with us! 

The perfect gift for any moment

Is it your best friend's birthday? Are the neighbors inviting you over for a BBQ or are you just looking for a good excuse to taste some new beers? Then Beer Republic beer boxes and cases are always a good idea. Whether you are looking for a gift for a casual beer drinker or if you are specifically looking for a certain type of beer or brewery. With a Beer Republic beer pack you will be sure to surprise that special someone. And even better. You can order Beer Republic beer packages online from 9.99 euros. So we are the place to be for beer gifts for any moment or special occasion. Order your beer box now! 

Our recommendation: the best beer boxes for everyone

You can’t see the wood for the trees anymore? Then we are here to help so you can pick the best beer box or case to give. For the real beer lover (or snob), there are various craft beer packages with exclusive beers with an average price of 25 euros per beer. Yes, with those cases you do get the real ‘gold’ among beers and you will be guaranteed that people will talk about it. In general, our beer packages are divided by brewery or by type of beer. That way you can easily choose a beer box without searching excessively on different webshops or other ‘dark pages’ of the internet to create your own beer case. When you know what kind of beer you need to give, then it is a piece of cake! 

Let’s make it easier than it already is by telling you our recommendations for a ‘regular and casual’ beer drinker. One of the most common beer box is the Founders Fresh Series showcase package. This beer box contains seven different types of fresh and fruity beers, including an IPA, Lager and Imperial Fruit Beer. For only 16.49 euros you order this beer box online from one of the most popular breweries of Beer Republic. A guaranteed success as a gift.

Beer box and brewery pack Founders Brewery

If you want to please the eye we recommend the Collective Arts showcase brewery pack

This special beer box doesn't contain six regular beers, but you get six pieces of art. Each can is designed in collaboration with an artist and looks really beautiful. The real beer lover, with an eye for art and graphic design, will certainly thank you for this special beer box. Read more about this awesome brewery in our blog: ‘This Canadian brewery makes sure that every beer is a work of art’.

Collective arts brewery beer box

Finally, the AF Brew Brewery beer pack is recommended for every beer lover. You will get two IPAs, which is one of their most popular types . Did you know that AF Brew happens to be a very good IPA brewer? Hello, yes please! Next to that we selected four other famous AF Brew beers and you cab order this beer box online for only 29.99 euros. Now, that’s what we call a bargain people! 



Select and create your own beer box online at Beer Republic

Thanks to our showcase beer packages and boxes you are selecting beers in a few seconds. And besides that, you are assured of a top selection of beers. But you can of course or create your own beer box yourself. You do this by simply choosing your favorite beers in our online webshop. And be prepared, we have hundreds of them. 

We ensure that your beer pack is delivered to your home as one package. And if you order before 2 p.m. on a working day, your order will be shipped the same day. So, you always have your beer box at home on time. Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself to celebrate the weekend, or to make someone else happy. Beer packs and cases from Beer Republic are always the perfect gift for beer lovers! Order now!