At Firma Bier we take pride in addressing all your questions as soon as possible. If the answer to your question does not already show at FAQ, please don’t hesitate and ask us directly by email at service@brouwunie.nl 


As you might expect, ordering and accepting your shipment is only possible when we can assume it’s delivered to an adult. At delivery identification of the recipient is required. Our delivery partner can demand an adult to leave a signature before he will hand out your goods. All costs arising from the absence of such an adult, causing your precious beers to not be delivered, are at your expense.


Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Rest of the World (except: see below)

We make no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import beer into any state outside The Netherlands. The buyer is solely responsible for shipment of alcoholic beverage products. By placing an order, you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY BE SOLD AND DELIVERED ONLY TO PERSONS WHO ARE LEAST 18 YEARS OLD. IN PLACING YOUR ORDER, YOU REPRESENT TO US THAT YOU ARE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD AND THE PERSON TO WHOM THE DELIVERY IS MADE IS AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD. When your alcoholic beverages are delivered, the person receiving the delivery will be required to show identification proving that he or she is at least 18.

Exceptions: 16+

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


United States

We do not send out packages to minors.


The Netherlands

Our preferred delivery partner is PostNL. When they don’t find you at home when they take your beers to your front door, they will attempt one more time. If no one is answering their call at the second attempt you can pick up your beers at a PostNL collection point. Due to alcohol regulations you have to sign personally for accepting the beers. You can follow your package here.

When you order your beers before 2 PM on business days, we will have them delivered to you the next day. Orders on friday will be delivered on tuesday. It can happen that a 1 day delay will occur (mostly during days of celebration like Christmas).

Free pick up in The Netherlands

When you feel living in reach of Breda, or just think of collecting your order as the right excuse for a trip to The Netherlands: you can pick up your beers free of shipping charge the day after ordering between 10 AM and 10 PM at our favorite pub.

Cafe Zeezicht

Ridderstraat 1

4811 JA  Breda


The following countries are currently able to receive our packages: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Faroer Islands, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and more. The delivery is based on a full box rate (check rates below). When ordered before 2 PM on weekdays, we will have your package delivered to you as soon as possible. Depending the country you live in, this can take up to seven working days after leaving the Post Depot. PO Boxes as an address are not allowed. 


The following countries are currently able to receive our packages: United States (check 'rates' below for excluded States), Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Hongkong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan almost all Caribbean and Pacific countries. The delivery is based on a full box rate (check rates below). When ordered before 2 PM on weekdays, we will have your package delivered to you as soon as possible. Depending the country you live in, this can take up to seven working days after leaving the Post Depot. PO Boxes as an address are not allowed. 

What about my country?

Please drop us an email when you feel we should start shipping to your address first thing in the morning. We appreciate extra brainpower while we roll out global delivery service.



All prices are in Euro and VAT inclusive. You can check the prices also in UK Pounds and US Dollars. Just change the currency at the top right of the home page. These rates are only an indication. The final payments are always made in Euro's. You can pay with all common Credit Cards, PayPal, Ideal or Mr Cash.


Each box can contain 36 small size (25-35cl) bottles, 24 midsize (36-64cl) bottles or 18 large size (65/75cl) bottles or a combination of these.
Most European countries have the advantage of getting up to 36 bottles per box. The rest of the world has to settle for a maximum of 24.
You can check the number of items ideally fitted in a box in your cart (underneath the header).


Rates for shipping are flat per box. But you have the ability to save for value! Use the proper codes at checkout to get your discount when hitting the following value marks of the beers:
Total order value: €75 - Get 5% off - Use code 5OFF at checkout

Total order value €175 - Get 10% off - Use code 10OFF at checkout

Total order value €300 - Get 15% off - Use code 15OFF at checkout

Total order €500 or more - Get 20% off - Use code 20OFF at checkout

You place the code at the giftcard box (above invoicing) to redeem your discount.


Check out this table to see what shipping to your address will set you back for each box.


ZONE NL: The Netherlands (free shipping for orders over €75!)

ZONE A: Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg

ZONE B: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Monaco, Slovakia and Spain

ZONE C: Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden

ZONE D: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Lithuania and Romania

ZONE F: Norway and Switzerland

ZONE G: Andorra, Canary Islands, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greenland, Greece, Guernsey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Ukraine and Vatican City.

ZONE H: Rest of the world

The number of boxes indicated at checkout is indicative and could be less. This does not effect the shipping price however.

 ZONE Max Box Size Transit Price
NL 36 1 4.95*
A 36 1-2 9.95
B 36 2-4 14.95
C 36 3-6 19.95
D 36 4-7 29.95
F 24 5-9 49.95
G 24 5-9 54.95
H 24 7 - 21 124.95


"Transit" are the expected number of workingdays it takes for a delivery to arrive when you have made an order before 2 pm on weekdays.

*Free shipping for orders over €75 or free pick up: see previous section.

REMEMBER that local customs (can) charge additional tax fees. This message applies to countries outside the EU. Check your local authority which charges can be applied. We cannot give you any information on this because this can change day by day. We are not responsible for any additional charges made.

UNITED STATES. Excluded from shipping due to regulations: Army regions, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia.



According to Dutch law; all prices have to be transparant to you. That is why we must and have separated prices into a liquid component and a bottle deposit component if this is applicable. You can see the total price of a bottle when you click for 'quick view' and/or 'more details'.

Not all bottles carry a deposit charge. The ones that don't, carry the message 'one way bottle deposit' and are non charged. Most bottles from Belgium, Germany and some from The Netherlands do carry a deposit. A 10 cts deposit applies for 25cl, 30cl, 33cl and 50cl from these countries except stated otherwise. A 20 cts deposit applies for 37.5cl and 75cl bottles except stated otherwise.

Deposits are not added to the price but taken from the total as a component.

You don't pay Dutch taxes on deposits.


How did your panel miss my favorite beer?

For starters, our sincere apologies our collection of excellent beers does not feature your current favorite. Although our range of challenging alternatives might change your judgement, you should definitely drop us a message with your preferences.

These are some of the reasons which can apply.

- We put much effort into finding great craft beer but sometimes we cannot lay our hands on it.

- @*&^#$ It is sold out! But back soon!! We took it off the site between those moments. Follow us on facebook and check the site frequently (for instance the new arrivals section) to see when it's back. You can always drop us a mail if you would like a notice.

- It's waaaay too expensive (read overpriced). If we don't want to pay that amount of money for it, you won't probably either. There's enough stuff to discover though!

- It does not fall in the category of great craft beers to our honest opinion. When we can obtain it we will let you know if it will be in the store or give you the option to buy the whole case.

- It does not exist or it is not being brewed anymore. This applies also to seasonal brews sometimes.

Dude, we are like colleagues, can you supply my bar as well?

Our current focus is on serving the consumer market. Please drop us a note when you feel like working on wholesale conditions with us.

What are these flakes in my beer?

Many craft brews are fermenting in the bottle until you open. The flakey elements working for you is yeast. Thanks yeast!

Why did my beer literally gush out of the bottle?

Although we trust you to let your beer reach the proper drinking temperature before consumption, we understand you could not wait and opened a bottle immediately after delivery. However, we advise you to put your beers to rest for a while, because during its travel your bottle’s content builds up CO2.

My bottle(s) is/are broken when I got it/them, what should I do?

When you send us a picture of your unfortunate one(s) and we will be happy to take responsibility for it.

I want to send my package back.

Just send us a notice and follow instructions. You have to pay for the transport though.

I did not receive my package.

This is something we have to investigate. Contact us and we're going to find it or give an alternative

Do you gift wrap beers?

For now we would like to encourage you to gift wrap the beers yourself. That way you can hand out your already refrigerated, gift wrapped beers yourself. If you really can’t find time for this social time, maybe the Firma Bier gift card makes it right!


Where can I find your policies, terms and conditions?

You can find our policies


My beer is awesome, can you offer it in your store?

Please send us an email if you represent a brewery or an importer. We would love to assess your stock, taste and select some new bottles.



We feel honored if you're willing to get in touch with us. Mail us at service@brouwunie.nl, call or just write us old school fan mail.
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The Netherlands
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